London metro map

Metro map London. London metro map (England) to print and download. Find all information for free about metro map London in England. The map on this page shows London Tube map. For your information, there is no single fare for the London Underground. The ticket price varies depending on your starting point and your arrival point. London subway prices are also variable depending on peak or off hours. To travel on the London Underground network you must have a valid ticket. You can buy a transport ticket individually.
The London Underground map also features DLR (Docklands Light Railway) and the London Overground. There are two additional lines that are fully integrated with the London Underground, so we could consider that the metropolitan London network is actually composed of 13 lines. From a touristic point of view, these lines are convenient because DLR leads to Greenwich.
In the London metro, if you do not have the London Tube map, the announcement of the line you are on and the next station is a great help. You will know directly if you are in the right direction. Tourist attractions are even announced. For example, Buckingham Palace or the British Museum. When you leave the train, you will hear the famous "mind the gap" which reminds you that a gap between the train and the platform can be dangerous.
In the London Underground, be sure to watch your children on the docks that are not protected. Count the stations with the subway map with your children, it will amuse them and will make them pass the time. Keep an eye on your valuables in the Tube. Do not leave your wallet or phone in an open bag, keep it on you.
In total, the London Underground map includes 11 "official" lines to use the right term. We must add the two lines of DLR (Docklands Light Railway) and the London Overground, which are also part of the London Underground network although they have different names. In the end, 14 lines run through London every day.