Map of London underground

Underground tube map. Map of London underground (England) to print. Map of London underground (England) to download. Inaugurated in 1863, the London Underground is the oldest in the world. Called London Underground, or sometimes London Tube in reference to the form of the galleries that compose it, it serves Greater London and its surroundings. It is divided into several zones: the further you get from the city center, the higher the price. The London Underground map will help you find your way.

Underground tube map

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Since 2016, the London Underground has a night service that runs until 4:30. On the Victoria Line and the Jubilee Line, there is a metro every 10 minutes, as well as between White City and Leytonstone stops on the Central Line. On the Northern Line there are subways every 8 minutes between Morden and Camden Town. Metro lines run every 10 minutes between Cockfosters and Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport on the Piccadilly Line. Check out the London Metro map for that.
The London Underground starts at 5am Monday to Friday. The Central, Victoria, Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines (see the London Tube map) are open all night on Friday and Saturday nights. The last trains run between 11pm and 1am. The time of the last metro is posted at ticket counters. Warning: the last trains on Sunday evening run earlier than in the week.
The London transport operator is TFL (Transport For London). The London Underground, or more commonly known as The Tube is the most used means of transportation in London. The network as shown by the metro map covers the north shore of the city, with far fewer lines serving the South. London Underground trains are still driven by drivers that you can see at each train arrival on a platform.
It's impossible not to recognize at first glance the logo of the London Underground, a red circle barred from the word "Underground" in white on a blue background. Its creator in 1908 remains unknown, but the logo is inspired by the cap of the employees of the buses of the city. A graphic designer will then be responsible for reworking the logo and in 1917, it will be registered as a trademark. The logo of the London Underground map is legendary.