Heathrow terminal map

Map of heathrow terminal. Heathrow terminal map (England) to print. Heathrow terminal map (England) to download. The map of London Heathrow Airport shows the largest airport in the United Kingdom. Heathrow Airport is a transit point for a large number of destinations in the world. You will find essential information on arrival at London Heathrow, access to the airport, as well as your travel and boarding of Heathrow Airport terminals.

Map of heathrow terminal

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Arrivals at Heathrow Airport are located on the ground floor of Terminals 1, 3, 4 and 5, as well as on the first floor of Terminal 2. Departures at Heathrow Airport are located on the first floor of Terminals 1, on the fourth and fifth floors of Terminal 2, on the ground floor of Terminal 3, on the second floor of Terminal 4 and on the last floor of Terminal 5.
The map of Heathrow Airport has several parking lots. Each Heathrow terminal has its own short-term parking. These are managed by NCP for Terminals 1, 2 and 3 and by APCOA for Terminal 4. A free shuttle connects them to the long-term corporate parking lot. Motorcyclists can park for free on the designated parking spaces at each Heathrow terminal.
The 5 terminals on the Heathrow Airport map offer the same transportation options. There are three different ways to get to central London: by train, subway, and bus. The quickest way to get to London from Heathrow Airport is to take the express Heathrow Express. The cheapest way is to take the London Underground via the "Piccadilly Line" line.