Holborn London map

Map of Holborn London. Holborn London map (England) to print. Holborn London map (England) to download. An early settlement evolved on the edge of the City beside a ‘hole bourne’ or stream in a hollow, at the far right of the map of holborn London below. The stream became known as the River Fleet and was later covered by Farringdon Street and Farringdon Road. The depth at which that route runs beneath Holborn Viaduct gives an idea of quite how hollow the valley was. The london road now called Holborn (Holborn Viaduct east of Holborn Circus and High Holborn west of Gray’s Inn Road) was in existence as Holeburnestreete by 1249.

Map of Holborn London

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Holborn developed as a medieval suburb of London, with houses that steadily increased in impressiveness over time. The Bishop of Ely built a palatial town house at present-day Ely Place, where its 13th-century chapel, dedicated to St Etheldreda, survives today. The bishop garden of holborn london was noted for its strawberries and, in Richard III, Shakespeare has the Duke of Gloucester say, “My lord of Ely, when I was last in Holborn / I saw good strawberries in your garden there / I do beseech you send for some of them” (see holborn London map).
Occasionally referred to as 'Midtown' by some real estate agents, Holborn is a neighborhood smack in the center of London as its mentioned in holborn London map (hence the attempt to rebrand it). Holborn London is popular with lawyers and journalists thanks to its location near the Royal Courts of Justice and its history as the one-time home of many newspapers on Fleet Street. The lawyers of holborn London tend to congregate in one of four Inns of Court; these are legal associations that are part social club, part pub.