London bridge map

Map of London bridge. London bridge map (England) to print. London bridge map (England) to download. There has been a bridge over the Thames at this site for nearly 2000 years (see London bridge map). The first one was built by the Romans while the current one opened in 1973. London Bridge is a simple, functional bridge which is sometimes confused with its more elaborate neighbour, Tower Bridge. London Bridge, any of several successive structures spanning the River Thames between Borough High Street in Southwark and King William Street in the City of London.

Map of London bridge

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The Old London Bridge of nursery rhyme fame dates from 1176, when Peter, a priest and chaplain of St. Mary of Colechurch, began construction of the foundation. Replacing a timber bridge (one of several built in late Roman and early medieval times), Peter structure was the first great stone arch bridge built in Britain. It was to consist of 19 pointed arches, each with a span of approximately 24 feet (7 metres), built on piers 20 feet (6 metres) wide; a 20th opening was designed to be spanned by a wooden drawbridge (as its shown in the description of London bridge map).
Under the gaze of The Shard, western Europe tallest building, London Bridge offers unusual sights and thrilling experiences alongside the world-famous waterway – the Thames. This iconic area is one of London oldest, boasting historical, maritime, culinary and sometimes macabre connections to events that have shaped the city history (see London bridge map). You will find award-winning attractions, an array of exciting bars, restaurants and shops – plus plenty of photo opportunities at global landmarks such as Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. With so much to explore, London bridge is the perfect place to discover on foot.
The London Bridge, of Roman origin, overlooks the Thames, not to be confused with Tower Bridge, another famous bridge in London. Its origin dates back to the time of the Romans, founders of the city then called Londinium. Its construction is located at 50 AD. The first bridge in London is built only in wood. It will be rebuilt in medieval stones (in the form of arches) in the Middle Ages. This second structure will remain more than 600 years until 1832, when the arches of the bridge will be replaced by Victorian arches (see London bridge map).