London museums map

Map of London museums. London museums map (England) to print. London museums map (England) to download. The London Museum Map includes several hundred museums, including the British Museum, the Museum of Science and the Museum of Natural History. The Museum Map of London will allow you to discover incredible collections. The permanent collections of major museums in London are often free, while special exhibitions can be paid for.

Map of London museums

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London's museums are among the richest and most interesting in the world. The biggest museums in London are free. The London Museum Map allows you to organize your visits. London hosts 240 museums. The majority of museums in the London Museum Map are free. Some of the most beautiful collections in the world are there.
London is the city with the largest number of galleries and art museums per capita. You will have the choice thanks to the map of the museums of London: between the museums dedicated to the history, those dealing with sciences, arts ... Even if the entry in the majority of the museums is free, some remain paying. You will find a map of London's main museums.