City of London map

London city map. City of London map (England) to print. City of London map (England) to download. One of the peculiarities of London is that few Londoners live in the center of the capital, which is rather reserved for business. Many billionaires from all over the world are settled in the center of the city, you can see it on the city of London map. London through the map on this page shows the many cultures that make up its population.
If we know the city of London, it is also and especially for the royal family. The latter resides at Buckingham Palace that can be seen on the city of London map. To continue on a visit to the London monuments of royalty, it will then go to the Tower of London (CF. London map). This is an almost millenary monument where the jewels of the royal family are exhibited.
During the 19th century, the city of London was one of the most sought-after residential neighborhoods, whereas very few people live there today. The current landscape of the City of London is full of contrasts: there are modern bank buildings right next to Victorian style buildings (see city of London map). Not to be missed in this area are St. Paul Cathedral, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.
Although the full name of this area is the City of London, everyone knows it as the City (see city of London map). The city of London is the financial district of London, home to the Stock Exchange and the Bank of England. It is the place where the Romans originally settled. Following the great fire of 1666, which destroyed most of the original City, Christopher Wren oversaw the reconstruction of 52 churches in the area that are still standing today.