London postcode map

Postcode map of London. London postcode map (England) to print. London postcode map (England) to download. The London Postcode Map shows the postal codes, which are more commonly known as postcodes, date from 1857 in London and are composed of numbers and letters (5 to 8). They are so precise that they make it possible to know the side of a street. The system presented by the postcode map London is very complicated: there are about 27.5 million different postcodes in the Kingdom....

Postcode map of London

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Latitude of city of London is 51.5084 and longitude of city of London is -0.1255. London has 57 postcode / zip code. The postcode map of London presents them all. You can find out the postal code of your home in London. This London Postcode Map is downloadable and printable free of charge. Feel free to browse the site for other London maps.
This postcode map of London represents the boundaries of all 5-digit postal code areas in London. This system of postal code of London is developed by the British postal service (Royal Mail) to divide the United Kingdom in different areas. With this system each region, here Greater London, gets a unique code and places can be easily found.
The London Postcode Map is used to identify the most accurate area when searching for a hotel, attraction, restaurant or any other place you want to reach. The London Postcodes have become indispensable when you live in the city and you must indicate it in your address to receive a mail. The London map with postcodes is therefore essential if you live in London.
Another way to distinguish London's different neighborhoods is through the London Postcode Map. This is mainly used to be able to orient yourself by looking at a map of London. The regions of London in terms of postal codes are North London (N), South London (S), Central London (EC, EC), West London (W), East London (E), North West (NW), South West (SW) and southeast (SE).