London map england

London on map. London map england (England) to print. London map england (England) to download. London is the capital and the largest city of England. London is located in South East England and covers an area of more than 1500 km² as shown in the map of London in England. London is crossed by the river Thames which connect London to the North Sea. Inside Greater London, there are more than 30 different neighborhoods.
London is the capital of England. It is located in a plain on the Thames. The influence of London goes far beyond the United Kingdom's borders, thanks in particular to the influence of the English language, to its past as capital of the British Empire and the dynamism of its financial sector. The map of London in England allows you to easily locate London in the United Kingdom.
Capital of England, the largest city in the United Kingdom and a major tourist destination, London is a dynamic metropolis in the heart of the country. Located in the south-east of England, the city is in the London Basin as the map of London in England shows. The Thames crosses London from west to east.