London mrt map

Map of mrt London. London mrt map (England) to print. London mrt map (England) to download. The London Underground operates from 5am to midnight. It is at these times that the first and last metros leave the stations at the ends of each line (see the map of London metro). The service in the center is prolonged until almost 1h. The frequency of the subways is quite high in London, there is never more than two or three minutes waiting between two subways on the main network.
The London Underground has the reputation of being a little more difficult to use, because from the same platform depart subways going in various directions. Do not panic, just look at the metro map of London metro and check the destination of the train. In addition, at subway stations, there are many employees to provide information.
On January 10, 1863, the people of London rush to discover a revolutionary means of transport: the "Tube". Today, the Tube, also called London Underground, has 11 lines and 270 stations spread over 421 kilometers as shown on the London Underground map. The London Underground is home to 4.8 million passengers a day.