Victorian London map

Map of victorian London. Victorian London map (England) to print. Victorian London map (England) to download. Victorian London refers to everything that was built during the reign of Queen Victoria. This period extends from 1837 to 1901. Although there are a lot of Gothic buildings from this period, it is also composed of other architectural styles. As Victorian places are numerous in London, we offer a map of Victorian London.

Map of victorian London

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The Victorian London map takes its name from the reign of Queen Victoria 1st, covering more than half of the nineteenth century. It began in 1837 when the queen acceded to the throne at the age of eighteen. Inequalities are glaring. Upset by the Second Industrial Revolution, society is divided in two: on one side the bourgeoisie, on the other hand the proletariat.
In the nineteenth century, London is called Victorian because of the sovereign of the time: Queen Victoria. She is particularly known for being one of the most popular queens and having also had the longest reign. She is an icon for the British people in the middle of the century when England dominates the world. The map of Victorian London is visible on this page.