Croydon map

Croydon tram map. Croydon map (England) to print. Croydon map (England) to download. The London tramway network, Tramlink, was introduced in South London in 2000. The London tramway network connects Wimbledon to Croydon via Beckenham (the Croydon tram map), where it proved to be a mode of transport popular. Any access to trams is simple, it is not necessary to use ramps or other special functions to board.
Tram travel in London is free for all wheelchair users, even if they do not live in London and do not have a Freedom Pass. Each tram has two spaces for wheelchairs. There are priority places for the elderly and disabled. When the tram leaves each stop, the name of the next stop is announced or otherwise use the Croydon tram map.
Croydon Tramlink is the United Kingdom's first tramway, carrying 22 million passengers a year on a modern 28-kilometer tram network covering South London. The line is largely on an east-west axis as shown by the Tramlink Croydon map. Tramlink in London has been a huge success and is the most reliable public transport service in the UK.
The London tramway network must be equipped with an automatic braking system in response to safety recommendations following the Croydon tram crash. This network is visible on the London tram map. The new security measures will ensure that the tramway will automatically brake if it exceeds the maximum speed allowed at designated locations.