Dlr London map

Dlr map of London. Dlr London map (England) to print. Dlr London map (England) to download. The Docklands Light Railway (dlr) is a light rail syste m serving the redeveloped Docklands area of East London, England. It currently extends to Stratford in the north, and Lewisham in the south, west to Bank in the heart of the City financial district, and east to Beckton and North Woolwich (including London City Airport) as its shown in dlr London map. The dlr has separate track and trains from the London Underground, but the two systems share a ticketing system and the dlr appears on the London Underground Tube map.
The dlr of London has been operated and maintained by a private franchise since 1997 (see dlr London map). The current franchise, due to expire in April 2013, belongs to Serco Docklands Ltd., a company jointly formed by Serco and the former dlr management team. The dlr system in London is undergoing continuing expansion, with currently 39 stations. In 2006 dlr carried over 60 million passengers. The Docklands Light Railway was 20 years old on 31 August 2007.
The dlr of London now includes routes extending for a total of 31 km (as its mentioned in dlr London map). There are five branches of dlr: to Lewisham in the south, Stratford in the north, Beckton and King George V in the east, and to Central London, splitting to serve Bank and Tower Gateway. Although the dlr system allows many different combinations of routes.