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London tube station map. Underground map (England) to print and download. Find all information for free about London tube station map in England. Eleven subway lines serve London. It is very easy to use because they all have a name and an assigned color. The map of London Underground stations will also be of great help to you. Get your metro map (Tube Map) as soon as you arrive. There is a discount for children under 16, and transportation is free for children under 11 years old. Finally, there are significant reductions with the Visitor Oyster Card.

London tube station map

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The tube network, or London Underground, is absolutely gigantic and covers virtually the entire city (see London Underground map). It covers no less than 1,572 km2, which represents 421 km of rails. If you want to save on the London Underground the best is to get an Oyster Card, the London Transit Card. It will allow you to pay for your cheaper journeys.
It may be more interesting to take a transport card to recharge depending on your number of trips: the oyster card or the travelcard. These two cards will allow you to browse the map of the London Underground by spending less money. Bus journeys are accessible with a transport card and they cost half the price of a London subway trip so do not miss out on them.
Arrived at the London Underground, follow the sign "Way out", it will take you to the exit. Pass your "Oyster" card on the terminal at the exit. Be aware that the London Underground trains run between 5:40 and 0:40 the week. Ask about the exact times at your departure or arrival stations (with the London Underground map), schedules vary from one to the other. If you find yourself in front of a closed door at the subway, take a taxi or the night bus.
It is always useful to check the network of London underground lines in advance to see if there are any significant delays. Planning your trip with the London Underground map can be a good idea. Avoid taking the London Underground at rush hour (8:30 to 9:30 and 17:00 to 19:00), because there are really too many people, and the trip can be tranformed with children in true calvary.