Covent garden map

Covent garden London map. Covent garden map (England) to print and download. Find all information for free about covent garden London map in England. Covent Garden is known for its outdoor cafes, restaurants, pubs and shops. You find them on the map of Covent Garden. Street artists are also very famous and entertain visitors on the pedestrian path. The Covent Garden is also home to many theaters and the Royal Opera as shown on the Covent Garden map.

Covent garden London map

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The cobbled square of Covent Garden has long been a meeting and trading venue as it is London's first urban public square, built in the 17th century. The square is visible on the map of Covent Garden. This place of Covent Garden had provoked discontent among the surrounding inhabitants, the bourgeois were disturbed by the mixture of social classes.
Covent Garden is a privileged destination for lovers of gastronomy and fashion. There are opera houses and theaters, and some of the most popular restaurants and shops in the West End as on the Covent Garden map. With a large number of upscale shops (fashion, beauty, lifestyle), Covent Garden is one of the most popular places for shopping in London.
The history of London's current Covent Garden Square begins in the 17th century, when the land of the monks of Westminster passed into the hands of the Earls of Bedford. In 1631, work began to make this rural area a public square, as shown in the map of Covent Garden. In 1974, the building housing the market was converted into a commercial area that attracts tourists and Londoners.