Greater London map

Map of greater London. Greater London map (England) to print and download. Find all information for free about map of greater London in England. Cosmopolitanism and tolerance, entrepreneurship, high wages and full employment have attracted many people to London. Even if the crisis and the Brexit have changed the situation, London is still popular and young Frenchies are trying their luck in the economic and cultural capital of the Old Continent. Stroll through the London map.

Map of greater London

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Enjoy the London map for a stroll along the banks of the Thames, the river that runs through London and borders the Tower of London. You can also visit the Kensington Palace via the map, where you can admire the imposing statue of Queen Victoria. If you like the history of the royal family, explore the Madame Tussauds museum.
London is a world on its own. Gathering 7.2 million people (2.8 in the center), it covers 167 km² (as shown in the map of London) and has a myriad of neighborhoods in relation to the map of London that each have their own atmosphere. Historic heart of the city, the City unfolds around the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.
Eight million and a half Londoners live on the 15,000 square kilometers of Greater London, divided into 32 boroughs. The map of London shows you that.3 million people in Inner London, London visitors. The vast conurbation nibbling the bordering counties indeed the map of Greater London grows from decades to decades.