London map europe

London on Europe map. London map europe (England) to print and download. Find all information for free about London on Europe map in England. The United Kingdom decided in the early 1960s to join a European construction. His first candidacy, in 1961, ran up against the refusal of France by General de Gaulle. The United Kingdom eventually joined the EEC in 1973. The country's commitment to the European Union remains partial. London is part of the map of Europe.

London on Europe map

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London stands out as the largest financial city in Europe. It concentrates 40% of the exchanges in euros. London is also the first European city for cultural influence. The map of London in Europe shows the geographical location of the city. London is also the biggest European hub thanks to the weight of its airport.
In the map of London in Europe, there are more than 40 ethnic communities. London is one of the main arrival centers for immigrants to Europe. In particular, there are strong communities from the former British colonial empire. London is one of the most important air, sea and rail crossroads in Europe.