London zone map

London map zones. London zone map (England) to print and download. Find all information for free about London map zones in England. London has a total of nine zones as shown in the map of London Zones. These areas of London start from the city center, which is zone 1 and they open to the periphery until reaching the most distant zone of the city center, the zone 9. In each zone of London, we will find the different neighborhoods or districts that make up the city.
Specifically the map of London is separated into zones 1 to 6 (see the map of London Zones) and if you visit or travel to London you will stay mainly in zones 1 and 2 and possibly zone 3, it is rare to go up to zone 4 to 6 ... The price to move from zone 1 to 2 in London one way is £ 4.50 if you do not have an Oyster and with the card the price will be divided by 2...
Greater London is made up of 32 districts whose distribution takes the form of a snail, the first districts are, of course, the most central. We can see that thanks to the map of the London Zones. Greater London is divided into two zones; Inner London and Outer London. The main London tourist sites are concentrated in the West End.
The price of a ticket is variable since London is divided into 9 travel zones and according to the zones where you travel, the price will vary. This is visible on the London Zone map. Zones 1 and 2 are the center of the city where all the tourist attractions are, the rest is the outskirts of the city. The price for the Oyster Card for a visitor is advantageous.
London's public transport network is divided into nine charging zones as shown in the Zones map; starting with Zone 1, which is the center, the heart of London, then Zone 2 is just around Zone 1, then Zone 3, and so on to Zone 9. A map of Zones of London will be very useful to you to know exactly which zone you cross.