Medieval London map

Vintage London map. Medieval London map (England) to print and download. Find all information for free about vintage London map in England. London is a famous medieval city in the world. Founded under the Roman Empire, London suffered wars, fires, floods ... Many buildings and medieval buildings were destroyed during the fire "The Great Fire of London" in 1666. Some buildings of the Middle Ages are still standing and others have been rebuilt in the original medieval spirit. The map of medieval London is available below.
The map of medieval London is not very well known. It has almost disappeared, especially because of the great fire of London in 1666. Only a few houses have survived and very few monuments have been spared. Other medieval remains, such as the Temple Chapel and of course Westminster are visible in London.
The Tower of London is one of the largest medieval fortresses in England. It is a remnant of the medieval map of London. It is one of London's most iconic and unmissable tourist attractions. Yet few medieval monuments have survived in London. All the more reason to visit this medieval heritage of London.