Vintage London map

Map of vintage London. Vintage London map (England) to print. Vintage London map (England) to download. In London, many remains of Roman origin reveal a significant commercial activity, the intensity of which increases after the conquest of Brittany by Claude in 43 AD Occupied by Aulus Plautius, the city is named after Londinium. The first mention of Londinium appears on a Celtic site and dates from about 50 AD. The vintage map of London is downloadable.

Map of vintage London

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London was originally a Celtic dwelling place. The Romans made it the capital of Britannia province under the name of Londinium. London vintage map shows a face of the city. London is home to the famous British Museum, compared by some to the Louvre Museum in Paris for the importance of its collections, both in number and quality.
London, located in the south-east of Britain, is the capital and largest city in the United Kingdom. Founded more than 2,000 years ago by the Romans, London was the most populous city in the world in the 19th century. As a political center and seat of the Commonwealth, London has considerable economic power, due in part to its status as the world's leading financial center.